Pharaoh's Fate - Solve the ancient Egyptian mystery

Pharaoh's Fate - Solve the ancient Egyptian mystery

Travel back through time and discover all about ancient Egypt in this thrilling interactive adventure. Someone is plotting to murder the pharaoh and it's up to you to stop them. From the glittering riches of the royal tombs to the bustling markets of ancient Thebes, your journey will require you to decipher hieroglyphs, learn about gods and goddesses, hunt for clues and unmask the culprit before it's too late. Ancient Egypt comes to life on every beautifully illustrated page as you choose where your investigation will take you. Can you solve the ancient Egyptian mystery?Series: Interactive Adventures in History
Author: Camille Gautier & Stéphanie VernetTranslator: Catherine BruzzoneIllustrator: Margaux CarpentierAges: 8+ years
ISBN: 978-1-909767-98-0Price: £12.99Out of Stock

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