Personal Shopper Experience (4 Books)

Personal Shopper Experience (4 Books)

Buying fun, educational books for nieces, nephews or grandchildren is a great idea but it's not always easy to know which books to choose. This personal shopper experience is a thoughtful gift for your grown-up child, brother, sister or friend who has kids at home. You'll be buying them a personal consultation over email or the phone with our publisher, Sam, who will help them choose the right books for the children in their life. 1) Purchase the experience here through the website, entering your own details. 2) We'll contact you to ask for contact details of the lucky adult you're giving the experience to. 3) We'll send them a beautifully designed email telling them about the gift you've bought for them. 4) Then we'll chat to them and help them pick four books from our catalogue. 5) Next step is us posting the books free of charge - all paid for ahead of time by you! The price includes any four books from our catalogue plus postage.Ages: 6 - 11 years
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