Make Your Own Fairy Garden

Make Your Own Fairy Garden

A magical fairy garden scene to create from the cover and insides of the book. Simply fold out the garden on the cover and add the press-out foliage, tree trunk and bush. Then have lots of fun colouring and cutting the black and white fairyland figures to populate your scene.Series: Make Your Own
Author: Clare BeatonIllustrator: Clare BeatonAges: 3 - 8 years
ISBN: 978-1-902915-24-1Price: £4.99Buy Now

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Suzanne 08/11/2018

Make Your Own Fairy Garden

My grandchildren enjoy your book and playing in their fairy garden, however, there are never any dark skinned fairy characters. We always have our brown markers on hand in order to add some brown fairy diversity to our garden. It would be nice to see multiple skin color options in the fairy world.
Thanks for listening.

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