Grow Organic Eat Organic (Creative Activities)

Grow Organic Eat Organic (Creative Activities)

What does organic mean? How do you make an organic garden? Why are worms and ladybirds so important? Discover the answers to these questions as well as lots of other useful advice in this lovely first book for budding organic gardeners and cooks. It’s always exciting to cultivate your own plants, whether in pots, window-boxes or in the garden - and everyone loves to eat fresh, home-grown produce. This colourful book is packed with useful information and offers a clear, practical, step-by-step approach to sowing, cooking and eating in harmony with the natural world.Series: Creative Activities
Author: Lone MortonIllustrator: Martin UrsellAges: 6 - 11 years
ISBN: 978-1-908164-65-0Price: £5.99Buy Now

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