Brain Boosters Space Puzzles

Brain Boosters Space Puzzles

Boost your problem-solving skills with b small! These bright, bold and FLUORESCENT puzzles and activities will spark your creative brain, stretch that maths muscle and nurture a love of logic. There are fascinating space facts too! Contains mazes, pattern sequences, maths problems, join the dots, word searches, matching games, quizzes, spot the difference and much more.Series: Brain Boosters by b small
Author: Vicky BarkerIllustrator: Vicky BarkerAges: 6 - 9 years
ISBN: 978-1-912909-42-1Price: £5.99Buy Now

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Customer Reviews

Caryl Hart13/05/2021

A superb, bright and engaging activity book

Do you have a little space explorer, scientist or mathematician at home? Or maybe you're looking for something to keep your children busy during what remains of the Easter Holidays?

Space Puzzles is a superb, bright and engaging activity book crammed with space-themed puzzles to get your brain buzzing. With popping neon highlights and 44 pages of fun things to do, this book is a great way to boost problem solving and creativity and, bests of all, have fun!

As well as the usual mazes, wordsearches and dot to dots, this engaging book includes sequence matching, step by step drawing, doodle space, colouring, picture sudoku and much more.

I love the bright, bold design and the handy size of this book, which is scattered with cute looking aliens and plenty of bite-sized facts to excite and entertain.

A brilliant book for a lazy afternoon in the garden, rainy day or car journey.

Aanchal Karnwal13/05/2021
We got two beautiful, bright beaming-out neon colour puzzles books - SPACE Puzzles and NATURE Puzzles. It was a perfect start to this rainy weekend. They are perfect for age 4+ with support from grown ups, ages 6+ is what is recommended by publishers
Both of these follow a theme of space and nature through the book with various activities like Mazes, Drawings, Join the Dots, word searches, spot the differences, quizzes, matching games, patterns, writing, reading and so many other things
Author beautifully combined the different parts of literacy & numeracy along with logical thinking.
Gorgeously bright and beautiful illustrations by Steven Johnson will make this puzzle-solving journey very entertaining and it captures the attention of kids very efficiently

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