50 Things to Try in Autumn

50 Things to Try in Autumn

A super positive journal-style, pocket-sized activity book full of mindful activities to help children celebrate the changing seasons, get in the mood for Halloween and embrace the cosiness of autumn. Activities include feeding the birds, spotting wild mushrooms, creating bug hotels and even instructions for making a hopping origami frog! Comes with a back cover pocket for storing treasured memories.Series: Adventure Journal
Author: Kim HankinsonIllustrator: Kim HankinsonAges: 6+ years
ISBN: 978-1-912909-91-9Price: £6.99Buy Now

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Busy Busy Learning20/09/2021

An Autumnal Gem

50 Things to Try in Autumn couldn’t be a more exciting title for me – I adore Autumn. The book is A5 in size with a gloss cover that is great for outdoor adventures in case you get a little unpredictable weather. It has a little orange elastic string to mark your page or hold any treasures you may have collected inside with a little fold over flap in the back to keep your most coveted treasures. In my experience, these make your journal extra special! There are a plethora (well 50 😉) ideas to try in Autumn ranging from all sorts of indoor and outdoor pursuits.

Recommended age is from 6+ and I’d say this is an ideal age and would be good for further into primary for independent adventures and journaling. My daughter is nearly 5 and she’s very much into mark making and attempting to write words right now so I think this will be a book that we’ll enjoy together.

There are other titles in this little series of Adventure Journals. A Winter edition is due for release in October too. There’s a very subtle word in the title that I believe children will find very enticing and that’s the word ‘try’. It’s not a book telling you to ‘do’ something, a concept that can make some of our little ones feel a little unsure and intimidated. ‘Try’ is more of an invitation - have a go - dip in and out as you please and find the ideas to try that appeal to you. A great way to develop a #GrowthMindset. If you’re looking for a dreamy little activity book this Autumn then I would highly recommend this one.

Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy of this book for review. All opinions are my own.

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