July 12th, 2018Posted By Naomi Weeks

Summer Reading List

Looking for some summery reads to entertain your kids in the coming months? We've put together a list of some of our favourites. Whether you're jetting off abroad or spending time at home, our activity books are the perfect summer accompaniment.

Travelling around

Perfect for long car journeys, airports, train station waits and more, these books are the perfect way to while away an hour or two (or three or four).

How Does a Lighthouse Work?

Beautifully illustrated and packed with interesting facts, young travellers will find themselves transported onto an enchanting voyage over the sea with this stunning book by Roman Belyaev. 
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The Histronauts: An Egyptian Adventure

The Histronauts need your help to uncover the secrets of ancient Egypt! Embark on an adventure back in time and keep passion for history bright and burning through fun activities dotted through an exciting story.
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Real-Life Mysteries

Read the evidence of real-life  cases and solve the mystery for yourself! A Blue Peter Book Award winner this year, explaining these mysteries is sure to keep kids entertained.

Language introductions

If you're travelling to Europe this summer, our language books are the perfect start for learning vocabulary! 

Play Card Games in French

Practice essential vocabulary easily whilst having fun with cards. This book contains over  100 cards and helpful tips for additional ways to use them.

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My First Sticker Atlas

The perfect accompaniment for trips abroad, little voyagers can learn more about the wonderful world we live in through gorgeously illustrated maps and interesting facts about each region, all the while whilst learning a language.
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First Spanish Words

Start taking the first steps in Spanish, perfect for toddlers and kids up to 5 years old. Includes English translations and pronunciation guides for non-Spanish-speaking grown-ups.
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Discover together

Lazing around at home is a great opportunity to learn more about the wonders in your garden, or even in your bathroom! Discover more this summer and learn together. 

Art Activity Book

Fun games and puzzles, arty ideas and more await young creatives in this fabulous book, part of our STEM STARTER series. 
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Nature Book

Our popular Nature book encourages children to get outside and enjoy the wonders of nature. Inspire a love of nature with inspired crafts to try together and fascinating facts about the world outside.
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Science Experiments at Home

Discover together the science in everyday life through step-by-step experiments you can do around your home. Budding scientists are introduced to complex scientific concepts in fun and engaging ways that are easy to understand.
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