Elizabeth Laird


I always wanted to be an author and a traveller and I've now written over a hundred books and travelled all over the world living in Malaysia, Ethiopia, India and Iraq. I live in London and Edinburgh now and I write full time but I used to teach English as a foreign language. So, as well as my award-winning stories like 'Kiss the Dust' and 'Red Sky in the Morning' (published by Macmillan), I have written many stories for those learning to speak English as well as three bilingual stories for b small's I Can Read French and Spanish series and Where's Toto? in the new Let's Read series for b small. To find out more, visit my website: www.elizabethlaird.co.uk

Books by this Author

Où est Toto? / Where's...Age range: 6+ years
£6.99Buy Now
¿Dónde...Age range: 8+ years
£6.99Buy Now
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