Diego Blasco Vázquez


I began to work as a translator in Nicaragua, where I collaborated with an American NGO in the 80's. Then, in 1992, I started translating professionally, from English to Spanish. My first job was translating an Australian series of documentaries called 'Beyond 2000'. Since then I've alternated my freelance translator work with graphic design for packaging. I've translated more than forty books of varied subjects, from biology to archeology, from naval battles to children's encyclopedias and gay humour, for publishers such as Parragon, Oxford University Press, Osprey, Edebé, Salvat Hachette, etc. I studied history at the Universidad Española de Educación a Distancia (unfinished) and graphic design in California (San Diego City College). I am also a trained professional diver (Alicante Official Nautical School). I worked as a sailor, deep sea diver, propman, trekking guide, portrait artist, and wind farm developer among other things. Right now, as I'm collaborating with b small, I'm trying to decide what I will be when I grow up. You can check out my website at www.dblasco.com

Books by this Translator

Picture Dictionary...Age range: 3 - 8 years
£6.99Buy Now
Word Puzzle Spanish-EnglishAge range: 6 - 8 years
£5.99Buy Now
My First 1000 Spanish WordsAge range: 3+ years
£7.99Buy Now
First Spanish WordsAge range: 0 - 5 years
£8.99Buy Now
Play Card Games in SpanishAge range: 6+ years
£9.99Buy Now
Find and Speak Spanish WordsAge range: 3 - 9 years
£6.99Buy Now
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