Alex de WolfIllustrator
Anna BettsAuthor and Illustrator
Anna C. LeplarIllustrator
Anne WilsonIllustrator
Catherine BruzzoneAuthor and Translator
Cathy HughesIllustrator
Clare BeatonAuthor and Illustrator
Claudia EilersTranslator
David LopezIllustrator
Jane HughesIllustrator
Jesus GabanIllustrator
Jo MooreIllustrator
Jochen GernerAuthor and Illustrator
Kyunghee YimIllustrator
Laure FournierIllustrator
Leighton NoyesIllustrator
Louise ComfortIllustrator
Maria ConcejoTranslator
Marie-Thér&egAuthor and Translator
Martin UrsellAuthor and Illustrator
Martyn EllisTranslator
Olivia CosneauAuthor and Illustrator
Sarah DennisIllustrator
Steph DixIllustrator
Steve WeatherillIllustrator
Stu McLellanIllustrator
Sunny KimAuthor
Sylvia CalzatiTranslator
Tom SperlingIllustrator
Vicky BarkerAuthor and Illustrator
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