Roman Belyaev

Author and Illustrator

Roman Belyaev was born in Moscow, where he still lives. Since 2005, he has been working in advertising – specialising in character design and film posters. Roman also explored the “Hidden attractions of Moscow” during illustration studies at the prestigious British Higher School of Art & Design, which he completed in 2016. This book is the first in a series of How It Works non-fiction titles Roman is developing for publishing house, Samokat in Russia. The English edition is being published by b small publishing. He sketches in ink or coloured pencils.

Books by this Author and Illustrator

How Does a Lighthouse Work?Age range: 4 - 12 years
£10.99Buy Now
How Do Bridges Work?Age range: 6+ years
£12.99Buy Now
How it Works Book PackAge range: 6+ years
£23.98Buy Now
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