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Seven Day French Language Challenge for Kids

Maybe you can’t visit France or another French-speaking country this year, but you can be all ready when things open up. Here’s a fun seven day challenge to brush up your French. It’s best to practise language little and often, so try and do the days consecutively, one after another. Bonne chance! [bon shons] Good luck!

Day 0

Design your challenge plan as a poster to put on your wall. Decorate it and have a space for your daily ticks. You could write out the challenges or draw pictures, for example for the greeting, draw a stick person with a speech bubble. We’ve given some help with pronunciations of French words but it’s best if you can ask a French-speaking person to help you if possible.

Day 1

Greet one member of your family or a friend in French. Options:
Salut! [saloo] Hi!
Bonjour [boh-joor] Good morning
Ça va? [sah vah] OK?

Day 2

Count how many chairs you have in your house.
1 Un [ahn]
2 Deux [der]
3 Trois [trwah]
4 Quatre [katr]
5 Cinq [sank]
6 Six [sees]
7 Sept [set]
8 Huit [weet]
9 Neuf [nerf]
10 Dix [dees]
0 Zero [zairo]
De plus?? [der ploos] More??

Day 3

Draw a picture of your friend and name their clothes. Here are some suggestions - you may need to pretend it’s winter already!
La casqette [la kasket] cap 
Le tee-shirt [ler tee-shirt] t-shirt  
La chemise [la shmeez] shirt
Le pull [ler pool] jumper
Le pantalon [ler ponter-lon] trousers
La jupe [la shoop] skirt
La robe [la rob] dress
Le short [ler short] shorts
Les chaussettes [leh show-set] socks
Les chaussures [leh show-sewer] shoes
Les bottes [leh bot] boots
Le collant [leh kol-on] tights
L’écharpe [leh-sharp] scarf
Le manteau [ler mon-to] coat
Les gants [leh gon] gloves

Day 4

Learn a French song. 
Here’s one of the most well-known French songs. It’s all about a monk called Frère Jacques. You may know the tune already or can get someone to sing it for you.

Frère Jacques! Frère Jacques! (Brother Jack! Brother Jack!)
Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous? (Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?)
Sonnez les matines ! Sonnez les matines! (Ring the morning bells! Ring the morning bells!)
Din, dan, don; din, dan, don (Ding, dang, dong; ding, dang, dong)

You can find lots of other French - and other language - songs with lyrics and music on this excellent website:

Day 5

Name five animals in French and draw their pictures. They could be farm animals or jungle animals. No help this time but you might find it useful to have a good picture dictionary. Here are three available from b small: 

My First 1000 Words in French

Hello French! French-English Picture Dictionary

French-English Picture Dictionary

Day 6

Wave the flag! Time for some research. Draw and colour the flags of the following countries where they speak French.
La Belgique [la bel-sheek] Belgium
La Côte d’Ivoire [la kot deevwah]  Ivory Coast
La France [la frah-ns] France 
Le Sénégal [la sen-eh-gal] Senegal 
Le Canada [ler kan-ah-da] Canada
Can you find them on in an atlas or on a globe? 
Bonus point! What are the names of their capital cities? (Answers at the end of this post)

Day 7

Final day - finish off by teaching one of your family or a friend these very important phrases that will help you get by if you meet a French-speaking person or visit a French-speaking country. 
Oui [wee] Yes
Non [noh] No
S’il vous plaît [seel voo pleh] Please
Merci [mairsee] Thank you 
Très bien [treh bee-ah] Very good
Excusez-moi [ex-kew-seh-mwah] Excuse me

If you’ve enjoyed this challenge, can you invent some more activities for you and your friends to practise French? 

Amuse-toi bien! [am-yoos twah bee-ah] Have fun!

Answers to Challenge 6
Here are the French names for the capitals: Belgium - Bruxelles [broo-sel]; Ivory Coast - officially Yamoussoukro [yamoo-sookroo] but largest city is Abidjan [abee-sha]; France - Paris [paree]; Senegal - Dakar [dak-ar]; Canada - French is mainly spoken in the province of Québec: Québec [keb-ek] is its capital with Montréal [mo-reh-al], the largest city.

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