August 18th, 2018Posted By Naomi Weeks

Say 'Hello' to a New Language!

In anticipation of our fantastic new language range, HELLO LANGUAGES, here's a little of what to expect when the books are released in November.

We've been publishing language books here at b small for nearly 30 years, and this November marks the release of Hello Languages, a BRAND NEW range of books perfect for having fun with language learning at home. 

Available in French, Spanish and English, this range includes 4 fun books for each language. 

Learn basic language skills with the Beginner's Guide, and practise and test knowledge with the Workbook. 

Revisit the scenes from the Beginner's Guide in the Colouring Book and practise learning vocab whilst having fun colouring in. 

Use the Picture Dictionary for reference on vocabulary, arranged into popular themes. 

With bright, colourful illustrations and a variety of books to get stuck into, kids can discover just how fun language learning can be! Spark a lifelong passion for language learning. 

Beginner's Guide

These are the perfect books to accompany school starters as they learn a new language. From simply saying hello to giving detailed directions around town, each expertly designed section gives young linguists the basic language skills they will need to carry on learning as they grow. Bold, bright illustrations and clear, simple grammar bring the essential vocabulary to life. Guides and translations of the target words help home learners - and the people helping them! 

A beginner's guide to French

find out more

A beginner's guide to Spanish

find out more

A beginner's guide to English

find out more


Using the grammar and vocabulary from the Beginner’s Guide, these simple activities encourage young language learners to better remember what they have learned. Fill in the blanks and check the answers at the back.

A French Practice Workbook 

find out more

A Spanish Practice Workbook

find out more

An English Practice Workbook

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Colouring book

Revisit the busy, vibrant scenes familiar from the Beginner’s Guide with these colouring pages that encourage children to focus on the words in action. Ordered thematically, each scene is labelled with the foreign words in the target language, a pronunciation guide and the native language translation.

Colour in French

find out more

Colour in Spanish

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Colour in English

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Picture Dictionary

Arranged into popular themes, all of the vocabulary from the Beginner’s Guide plus a few new words appear in this handy reference book for language learners. Clear, bright, simple illustrations each with their own target word and native translation.

French-English Picture Dictionaryfind out more

Spanish- English Picture Dictionaryfind out more

English Picture Dictionary

find out more

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