January 29th, 2021Posted By Naomi Weeks

Paper collage

Beloved children's author and illustrator Clare Beaton shares her paper collage process with us!

I begin by doing pencil roughs the same size as the book format remembering to leave a clear space for where the text will go.  This takes a long time and is the hardest part of the process! 

Once the publisher and I are happy with these I can start on the artwork. 

First I cut out card larger than the spreads ( double pages ) onto which I glue down the cut-out background pieces. This might be just one colour or more such as sky, sea and beach. This is also larger than the actual book size just about 1cm  larger all round which is called ' bleed'. 

After that I start building up the picture by tracing, cutting and gluing down every single thing I have drawn on the rough starting with the larger things such as trees or paths.  This can get very fiddly towards the end as the pieces get smaller and smaller. 

I trace each bit of the drawing onto tracing paper which is then taped to the chosen coloured paper before being cut out together. After discarding the tracing paper the coloured piece of paper is glued into position. 

When every single piece has been added to complete the picture I finish with a few details in black pen. 

Clare's new books, Little Observers go Camping and Little Observers on the Beach are out from Feb 1. Order yours below !

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