June 1st, 2016Posted By Sam Hutchinson

New website, new catalogue, new blog!

We've got lots of new things to share with you: a new catalogue, a new website (!) and this new blog. Enjoy!

A website is one of those things that you can find yourself forever tweaking, editing and changing. For a book publisher, this is a very hard thing to come to terms with! We spend our days making sure our books are perfect before we press print and accept that we can't change anything else.

Our creative journeys focus more on how the customer will feel when they see or pick up (hopefully!) the book and we can safely assume that most readers will start at the beginning and turn the pages until they get to the end (some kids obviously being more likely to take a maverick approach to page order!). Websites, even the smallest, are looser and more sprawling. A tough challenge for paper-loving book people.

We've had to train our brains to switch off a bit when it comes to our website and to see it as a tool instead of a product. On this new website, we'll be able to: sell you a book, ask for your email address so we can stay in touch, write blogs and upload fun downloads.

Have a look around and download our new catalogue, too. We'll look forward to staying in touch and fulfilling your orders!
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