May 10th, 2021Posted By Naomi Weeks

Nature inspired activities to do with kids for Mental Health Awareness Week

Step outside this week - it's good for you!

Mental Health Awareness Week occurs every year from May 10-16. This year's theme is Nature - and it's not hard to see why. Over the long months of the pandemic, for many of us, being outside and within nature made a huge difference to our mental health.  

If you can, take some time to be within nature together this week. You can try out these activities, from WILD BOOK, to give yourselves some mindful activities to do whilst you're outside. 

Eagle Eye 'I Spy'

Make a chart, or ask someone to make one for you, with a list of things to spot when you go out. It can be a list of natural things or of man-made things. Tick off when you spot them. Were there other things you did not expect to see?

One Tree

Take a long, careful look at just one thing, such as a tree. With a sheet of paper, crayons and pens, record what you see. What is it? How big is it? Can you touch the top or reach all around it? Does it have any leaves, flowers, twigs or fruit on it? Can you spot any insects on it? Make a bark rubbing.

Eagle Eye

This is a great outdoor game for a few children, best played in an area with trees, bushes and undergrowth. First, create a ‘nest’ about three and a half metres across with an edge made of sticks, pinecones or clothes. The ‘eagle’ (an adult or older child) stands in the nest, closes their eyes and slowly counts to ten whilst the children hide. The ‘eagle’ calls ‘the eagle is awake!’ and without moving tries to spot the hiding children, who must be looking at the ‘eagle’. When spotted, the child comes into the nest and can pretend to be prey, birds, rabbits or fish. Afterwards, the eagle counts to ten and this time the children can move towards the nest just three paces each time. Continue until everyone has been spotted or reached the nest unseen. The last one wins!

All activities taken from: 

Find more free, mindful activities to do this week on our activity hub! Have a look at the ones below, all taken from our LEVEL HEADERS books. 

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