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Introducing our latest book - Pharaoh's Fate

Set in ancient Egypt this interactive crime story will capture your imagination.

Set in ancient Egypt this interactive crime story will capture your imagination. The action centres around a young scribe who must hunt for clues to stop the murder of the pharaoh. Young historians will discover ancient Egypt: visit the Valley of the Queens, the Pharaoh's Temple and the Royal Palace - learn to decipher hieroglyphs, get to know gods and goddesses and identify the suspects at the heart of the conspiracy.

This beautifully illustrated book makes learning about this period a fun and fascinating experience.


'Not only does it look gorgeous, filled with jewel tones, it's great fun - a puzzleand intriguing adventure - highly recommended!'
Zoe Toft, playingbythebook.net

'We love this beautiful Egyptian detective adventure...it's full of fascinating
information presented in the form of an intriguing mystery.'
The Alligator's Mouth, London Booksellers

'This is a glorious labyrinth of a book, perfectly pitched to entice a child's curiosity.
Big ticks all round!'
Olivia Norton, Home Education Specialist

This is a wonderful book for little historians!

Melanie Wood
Marketing, b small publishing
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Angelina Bamford - April 11th, 2019 9:21pm
My children loved this book. Have the authors written any others like it?


Sam Hutchinson - April 12th, 2019 8:53am
Hi Angelina, we bought the rights for this book from a French author and translated it into English. There is another book about ancient Greece but we haven't yet translated it into English!


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