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I have abandoned my iPad!

I have two boys, the youngest is four and loves books but my oldest much prefers electronic devices and I never see him pick up a book.

Seeing him do this made me realise…I do EXACTLY the same! I might be on my iPad reading my book, but to him I am just on my iPad, which is an electronic device. So about two months ago I decided to run a little experiment:

Firstly, I decided to only read paper books and newspapers and it has worked wonders. Not only for him but for me too! I like nothing more than curling up with a good book in front of the fire. It is much more cosy sitting in front of the fire without the glare of my iPad screen. The boys see me reading and join me with their books.

Secondly, I have made place for books in different rooms of the house, not just in the kids’ bedrooms. This process unearthed some much-loved family favourites we’d forgotten about (and highlighted just quite how many books we own!).

Thirdly, I have subscribed to First News (a weekly newspaper for kids), which is a great way to encourage children to find out about the world around them. I have also found that, for non-readers, this newspaper is a great way for kids to read bite size chunks.

The experiment seems to be working so far. I have enjoyed reading more books rather than being diverted to articles from my Facebook feed! And the kids have enjoyed me sitting with them whilst we all read independently without the distraction of electronic devices.

If you have any ideas and comments please send them my way!

Here is a selection of great books for kids to read independently or together!

Travel back through time and discover all about ancient Egypt in this thrilling interactive adventure. Someone is plotting to murder the pharaoh and it's up to you to stop them.

Engineering is what brings machines to life. Little learners can discover more about engineering at home by reading the simple explanations and doing the beautifully illustrated activities on each page.

Have you heard the one about the flying monk? Do you know how your bike works? What’s the fastest animal on Earth? Perfect for little thinkers who like big ideas!
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