January 28th, 2020Posted By Naomi Weeks

Half Term at home!

Save a penny with these delightful books to entertain children at home this half-term. No long queues or expensive days out needed!

Creative activities

Bring on the crayons and glue! From rainforests to coral reefs, there's so much crafty entertainment to be found in these books. Make your own table-top scene or have fun with the creative ideas in Ocean Book, including paper cup penguins, healthy recipes and fresh air activities (if it's not too wet this February!)

For science-whizzes

Encourage young Einsteins to discover how science works for themselves! Try out some awesome experiments at home (no special equipment needed) and test out the ideas in these books. Design your own robot with Robotics Activity Book, and learn how code writing works!

For little linguists

Add a linguistic-twist to bedtime stories with the I Can Read French/Spanish book sets. Have fun learning languages at home whilst you mix and match cards in the flash card kit or colour in wonderful scenes in the Hello Languages colouring book!

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