December 10th, 2018Posted By Naomi Weeks

Gift guide!

Stuck on Christmas? Find the perfect book for a little artist, a curious mind or a budding explorer here.

For crafty kids

The Great Extendable Colouring Book

With seven huuugge fold out scenes to fill in, this is the perfect gift for the colouring enthusiast in your life! 

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Nature Book

Get crafty with nature this Christmas! Make a cardboard deer family, a DIY bird feeder, beautiful leaf prints and more, and learn about the outdoors as you go. 

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Rip & Stick: Insects and Flowers

Perfect for little artists who enjoy getting messy, create your own insect and flower masterpieces using the coloured paper in this book. BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR DECEMBER- 15% OFF
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For curious kids

Real-Life Mysteries

Fact or fiction? Read the evidence about the fascinating cases in this book and make up your own mind about what happened! Ideal for curious kids who love to learn.

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A Viking Adventure

The Histronauts next adventure takes them back to the viking era- and they need your help! An exciting mix of story, facts and activity!

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Choc-a-bloc full of fascinating facts and knowledge, encourage a thirst for learning with this wonderful fact book from award winning author and illustrator duo Susan Martineau and Vicky Barker. 

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For kids who love to explore

My First Picture Atlas

Did you know there are nearly 200 countries in the world? With so much to learn and explore, start an adventure around the globe with this beautifully illustrated atlas. 

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Hello Languages

Learn languages at home with a set of four books, available in French or Spanish, and encourage budding explorers to foster a love of language learning from an early age!

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Animal Camouflage

Enjoy the beautiful papercut illustrations in this book together as you explore each of the seven continents. A wonderful Christmas gift to cherish!

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