Where languages have taken me

July 13th, 2021

Olivia Bevan - Where Languages have Taken Me

Digital Marketing Intern Olivia tells us how it feels to be a brand-new languages graduate in 2021!
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June 22nd, 2021

Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp- Where Languages have Taken Me

Literary translator, teacher and compulsive language learner Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp tells us how languages have taken her around the world...
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May 5th, 2021

Susan Martinueau - Where Languages have Taken Me

Author, editor and French speaker Susan describes her journey with languages - including what helped her get back into language learning after a lull.
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April 7th, 2021

Marie-Thérèse Bougard - Where Languages have Taken Me

Marie-Thérèse, freelance writer and language trainer, describes how a love of languages can take you places – even during lockdown.
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