May 26th, 2021Posted By Naomi Weeks

5 Books for World Environment Day

Here are our favourite books to help celebrate and learn about the environment, just in time for World Environment Day!

Green Science at Home

By Susan Martineau and Vicky Barker

Are you ready to save the world? Starting at home, these simple, step-by-step science experiments will help you! Young environmentalists will take a thrill in discovering the science behind climate change and other issues facing our planet.

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Endangered Animals

By Sam Hutchinson and Sarah Dennis

The world’s biodiversity is declining...but there are positive stories to be told! From rainforests to deserts and polar regions to open oceans, read about living things that are extinct, those that are endangered and a handful that are even thriving. Then discover what you can do to help. Hope is not lost!

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Wild Book

By Clare Beaton

Lions and tigers and bears! Learn about the animals and environment around us. Clare Beaton shares her passion for the world around us with inventive wild animal crafts perfect for school or at home. Includes inspiring fact pages, healthy recipes for the whole family and fresh-air activities to encourage well-being.

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50 Things to try to Save the World

By Kim Hankinson

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Astonishing Art with Recycled Rubbish

By Susan Martineau and Martin Ursell

Recycle loads of gruesome materials to make astonishing works of art. From turning onion skins into an Onion Fish to making jewellery from egg shells, these tried and tested projects will impress your family and friends.

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