About us

Small but mighty, we are an award-winning independent children’s publishing company that creates and publishes children’s books for sale in the UK and around the world. We're on a mission to empower all readers with critical literacy skills, and our books are creative, educational and encourage children to think for themselves.

Meet the team

Sam, Publisher

Responsible for most things, from commissioning new titles and supporting our sales agents to ordering stationery and doing the accounts, Sam lives and works in Twickenham with his partner Rudi.

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Vicky, Art director

When not walking her dog on the beach in West Sussex, Vicky is (very!) busy designing nearly all of the books on our list, briefing freelancers and even illustrating some (award-winning) books of her own.

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Cath, Founder

Operating 'at large', Cath advises Sam and Vicky on strategy and, between running around after grandchildren or helping at various charitable organisations, still writes and edits for b small.

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Beth CoxAuthor
Catherine BruzzoneAuthor and Translator
Clare BeatonAuthor and Illustrator
Grace CookeIllustrator
Kim HankinsonAuthor and Illustrator
Roman BelyaevAuthor and Illustrator
Rudi HaigAuthor
Sarah DennisIllustrator
Steve WeatherillIllustrator
Stu McLellanIllustrator
Vicky BarkerAuthor and Illustrator
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