We are on a mission to empower all readers with critical literacy skills. Whether that's examining engineering through fun activities or digging for the truth behind real-life mysteries - or even learning to speak French or Spanish - the books we publish help children make sense of themselves, others and the world around them.

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Food Chains: Who eats what?

Trace the Sun’s energy as it travels along food chains sustaining plants, primary consumers, secondary consumers, predators and decomposers all over the planet. Beautiful cut-paper illustrations by the award-winning Sarah Dennis bring habitats from...Author: Sam HutchinsonIllustrator: Sarah DennisAge Range: 6 - 12 yearsISBN: 978-1-911509-92-9
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Question Everything!Age Range: 6+ years
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Real-life DisastersAge Range: 6+ years
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November 3rd, 2020

Author Samantha Curtis tells us how languages got her to where she is today.
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Cath Bruzzone - Where Languages have Taken Me

October 13th, 2020

Cath Bruzzone, founder and co-owner of b small, explains how languages have always been a core part of her life.
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