This links page is divided into sections: Language Practice Resources, Children's Books, Our Authors & Illustrators, Crafts & Hobbies, Travel and Education in general.

Language Practice Resources


This was the Government funded Centre for Information on Language Teaching: a quango, ahee! It was an essential site for anyone interested in any aspect of language teaching and learning and had a special Primary Languages section and a link to separate Primary Languages website. However in 2011, they were merged with the CfBT Educational Trust in Reading, their excellent library was closed down very suddenly and they no longer support their separate CILT website. There are still some very good links and resources on their old site...and here is a link to the languages area of the CfbT website.

Cuentos Interactivos - University of Barcelona

Fantastic and interactive stories in Spanish that you can read in your browser. Audio soundtrack and game elements will engage young children and help them to understand any Spanish words that they don't know. A great free resource provided by the University of Barcelona.

Early Start specialise in developing and selling a range of ingenious CD-Roms for use with interactive whiteboards from several b small titles including the I Can Read series in French, German and Spanish and Lucy Cat in French and Spanish and the Let's Read series in French and Spanish.

Europa Centre

A centre specialised in providing support to teachers of foreign languages. Especially exciting for its mini shopping village where you and your class can go and practise everday language in a simulated foreign environment.

French Songs - Une Dizaine de Chansons

Ten original songs to support the teaching of French to young children. Written by Richard Winston, previously the Primary Foreign Languages Consultant for Lewisham and Greenwich.

German Resources -

German language resources from well known German publisher, Hueber. Includes lots of free activity sheets and downloads!

Joe Dale

Kinder Exchange

Lingoo website has language exchanges and paid stay holidays for children organised directly between families.


A virtual language centre. Contains a frequently updated listing of useful websites for languages learning and teaching.

Little Linguist is one of the UK's leading supplier of children's language learning resources. They have a 100% secure online shopping site from which they sell books, games, CD-Roms, posters and puppets and other resources in a huge variety of languages from Albanian to Urdu (and including Baby Sign Language!)

Publishers of books and magazines about bilingualism and language learning. The books are mainly academic but they include some of interest to bilingual parents.


The EC campaign for Early Foreign Language learning. It has loads of interesting stuff and research findings from parents and schools throughout Europe, not at all stuffy. There's a page comparing the language learning provision in primary schools across the European Union...looks a bit out of date for the UK since the advent of the coalition government...

Théâtre Sans Frontières

A much recommended theatre company touring professional plays in various languages!

French Songs - Une Dizaine de Chansons

Ten original songs to support the teaching of French to young children. Written by Richard Winston, recently the Primary Foreign Languages Consultant for Lewisham and Greenwich.

Waltham Forest Bilingual Group

This is an excellent site run by a group of bilingual families in London to support other bilingual families. But you don't need to live in London to join the group. The site has LOADS of useful information and tips for anyone interested in bilingualism: parents, teachers or students.


Children's Books

An on-line magazine on children's books. News, reviews, and author profiles. Kept well up to date and very informative.

Bounce Sales & Marketing

Our UK sales agent. Visit their site if you are a trade customer. They represent several brilliant children's book publishers so browse their site if you are looking for good children's books.

If you're planning what to do at the weekends or after school then Primary Times is your one stop shop!

Authors Aloud

The website to go to if you're looking for authors and illustrators for visits to schools, libraries, festivals, conferences, writer's workshops or for INSET training. Brilliant list of authors including our own Steve Weatherill.


Our Authors & Illustrators

Clare Beaton

Clare is the leading illustrator of b small's range of language books. She has also written and illustrated many of our activity books. She is a talented craftsperson and has illustrated several very beautiful books for Barefoot Books by sewing the illustrations in felt and other materials.

Lynne Benton

Lynne has been a teacher and is now a full-time writer for children. She has written two of our Let's Read parallel text bilingual stories: Stranger in the Snow and The Chariot Race, available in French-English and Spanish-English. She lives in Bath and enjoys visiting schools to tell children about her work.

Marie-Thérèse Bougard

Marie-Thérèse is an established French language tutor and author of several successful textbooks for French language learners. Visit her website for more information on her various activities! For b small, Marie-Thérèse has written the French half of our bilingual Let's Read series, the Lucy Cat series and now advises on our language learning activity titles.

Elizabeth Laird

Bestselling author of children's and YA books, Liz has recently written up her adventures in Ethopia for grown ups, featuring a collection of traditional stories collected on her travels. A fascinating character and fantastic author, we are deligthed to have a couple of Liz's stories in our bilingual collections, occasionally under her 'nom de plume' Mary Risk.

Stu McLellan

Stu has illustrated our Sticker Atlases, our Extendable Colouring books and our First 1000 Words series. He has a joyous, exciting, humorous style that appeals to children and adults alike and also globally. Stu and his wife Verity publish a quarterly journal, The Barefoot Diaries, 'exploring simpler and more deeply connected living'. When we first met Stu, he was practising what he preached and he arrived barefoot at our office in Kew! (It was summer...)

Leighton Noyes

Leighton has illustrated the Science Around You series for b small and also I Can Read: George the Goldfish and Let's Read: Where's Toto? He has a really fun website, so check it out.

Steve Weatherill

Steve has written and illustrated several of our books as well as books for other publishers including picture books featuring his well-loved character, Baby Goz. He has a wonderful sense of humour (he trained as an animator and once created a cartoon strip for the FT) and he offers a 'road show' for schools and libraries.


Crafts & Hobbies

Craft project ideas for the holidays! From Mother's Day to Christmas, stop by here for ideas of what you can make.

"Bringing colour and art to children's hearts!"



Bradt Travel Guides

Our friends at Bradt produce the best and most exclusive guides to all the furthest flung places of the world...and also the UK. To give you a flavour, popular titles include Rwanda and Bus Pass Britian and a new title is Tajikistan. They also publish travel narrative like A Tourist in the Arab Spring.


Education in general

Parents in Touch

They provide guidance through all stages of education and child development; advice by highly experienced professionals and answers to the questions that all parents ask; a forum for parents; resources for parents including worksheets, SATS and other test and exam papers.

Guardian Education

The go-to site for education news. Always up to date and always active.