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5 top tips for budding authors

17th April 2014 - by Cath

Over the Easter weekend, what better to do when you're relaxing after your chocolate feast than to start planning - or even writing - your story for our Young Language Learner Award story-writing competition

Well-known children's writer, Elizabeth Laird, author of the prize-winning Kiss the Dust and one of the judges of the Award, has kindly agreed to give us her top five tips for budding authors:
1. Read everything you can. The more you read, the more you'll learn how to write. Don't always read the same kind of thing. If you only ever read fiction, read some non-fiction. If you only ever read fantasy, try some real life stories.
2. Write a bit every day. The easiest way to do this is to keep a diary.
3. Practise writing descriptions of people, places, animals. Look around you. Use your eyes. Write down what you see.
4. Practise writing dialogue. This is not easy. Listen to how people speak. Notice individual words and phrases that a person uses which shows up their character.
5. Don't panic! You don't become a brilliant athlete or musician or ballet dancer overnight. It takes time to become a writer. So don't give up if you haven't had your first novel published by the time you're fifteen.

Happy Easter and happy writing!

Here are the books Elizabeth Laird has written for us: in the I Can Read series in English-French and English-Spanish and the Let's Read series in English-French and English-Spanish.


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