Alphabet Series

Delightfully illustrated bilingual ABC books where the words and pictures start with the same letter in English, French and Spanish! A border showing the full alphabet runs across the top of each page and a beautiful frieze showing the word in context runs along the bottom. This gives plenty of opportunity for observation skills and discussion. There is a pronunciation guide for the foreign word and for the letter of the alphabet and some simple activities at the end of the book to practise the alphabet and the new words. The English edition is monolingual so suitable for learners all over the world.

“This beautifully illustrated book offers a simple first A to Z for young language learners. Each page is devoted to a different letter of the alphabeet and features a word beginning with the same letter in English and French, for example 'ball' and 'balle'. Each word is illustrated with a bold picture and a colourful frieze running along the foot of the page which puts the words into a scene. A pronunciation guide is included with each letter and word along with a mini ABC quizz page to test comprehension. Aimed at children aged five and above, it is an excellent way to introduce language learning in a fun and interactive manner.”

— Living France