A feisty cat called Lucy features in these delightful cartoon stories for early language learning. Always managing to save the day, Lucy is the star of several bilingual adventures, told in two languages at once.

“A great way to introduce youngsters to another language. The colourful cartoons feature brace Lucy Cat who prevents a nasty thief from stealing money in the market. The Simple text is in speech bubbles, French all the way through the top half of the pages, with the English version in identical picture strip format below. With all key words/vocabulary listed at the end of the book. What an innovative and practical way to present French to beginners.”

— Children's Books UK Website

“This brightly illustrated bilingual story is told in two identical strip cartoons. The text is in captions and speech bubbles and with one language version above the other the young reader can easily refer to the translation. Lucy Cat visits the farm and meets the animals. When the bull is about to escape Lucy saves the day by closing the gate in the nick of time. The introduction suggests how to use the book with young readers and a table of key words at the back of the book includes a useful guide to French pronunciation. A friendly, accessible book that even adults who don't speak French will find easy to share with young readers. ”

— Books For Keeps Sep 2009 'Ten of the Best'

“My daughter loves me reading her this colourful dual language picture strip cartoon book. As my daughter is 2, at present I'm mainly reading it to her in English, and using the French part to help teach myself some basic French words. Gradually introducing my daughter to some of the French words, as I'm keen for her to have more of a healthy interest in foreign languages than I had at school. The pronunciation guide at the back is very useful. Both Dad and daughter are very happy with this book (and have read the other 3 books in the series which are equally as good). I fully recommend this book (and the entire series) to anyone wanting a fun way of introducing the kids to a foreign language. ”

— Chris Brooks, parent