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European Day of Languages

25th September 2014 - by Cath

You can tell that we've just emerged from a long, hot summer, one of the best in the UK for a few years. No blogging since June! Now we're busy getting ready for the Frankfurt Book Fair in less than two weeks but just time for a brief word about the European Day of Languages to be celebrated on 26th September.

The official website of the European Day of Languages gives all the information about it and we fully support their efforts to encourage the 800 million Europeans to learn more than the 200 languages they already speak in their 47 countries! (The mind boggles to think of the whole of Europe speaking at once - the original Tower of Babel.)

To play our small part, we have a FREE poster that you can download. It's called the Rights of the Language Learner and we've put together statements we feel will encourage learners of all ages to have a go. The pictures on the poster are by Steve Weatherill, illustrator of, among others, the very popular I'm too big English-French picture story book (also available as an e-book in French and Spanish).

Enjoy this special day and, more importantly, enjoy the coming weeks and months of learning a new language, European or any other. Now I'm going off to dust off my Mandarin ready for an exciting trip to HK and China next month (I should be Cantonese...but hey!)


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