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Young Language Learner Competition 2014 results

22nd October 2014 - by Sam

Looking for results of the b small Little Linguist Award 2013? They have been archived here.

The b small Young Linguist of the Year Award 2014



be creative, be inventive, be a language learner


Since March this year, hundreds of talented young language learners have been cooking up fantastic stories packed full of clever twists, fun characters and beautiful illustrations - and all this in a foreign language! The judges have deliberated and we are now delighted to announce the winner of each age category. Just to remind you, we asked for stories in one of two categories: 6-9 years old and 9-11 years old. Otherwise, the criteria were quite simple: up to four pages, create a story that will inspire other children to try and learn a foreign language.



QUETA TAYLOR in the 6-9 years category

Click on the image below to read the winning story.


NADIA JAMES in the 9-11 years category

Click on the image below to read the winning story.




Congratulations to our talented young winners. The winning entries are now published on our website (above) and the winning individuals/schools will receive a b small library of books worth £100. We will be in touch directly with you if you are one of the winners! If you are a teacher and would like to give your students a certificate to congratulate them for entering then please use this template.

The judges yet again had a fantastic time reading through the stories. Here is what they had to say:

Catherine Bruzzone, Publisher at b small publishing ltd
Catherine Cheater, Author and foreign language educational consultant
Catherine Garland, Online bookseller at
Elizabeth Laird, Award-winning author
Liming Guo Barrett, Head of Mandarin Chinese, Hampton School
Karen Faux, Editor at Primary Teacher Update

"Wow! Another brilliant set of entries for our Young Language Learner Award - only in it's second year. We read over 240 stories and the standard was incredibly high. I am especially proud to be publishing the two winning authors on our website as I feel that their stories were full of the sort of warmth and humour that really communicate our passion for language learning. We clearly have two very passionate linguists and storytellers on our hands." Catherine Bruzzone, b small publishing ltd.

"What fabulous entries! Great stories, amazing use of language and brilliant illustrations, too." Catherine Garland,

"This funny, delightful story is impressively adventurous with different words and phrases. Queta is already writing confidently in French. Keep in writing, Queta!" Elizabeth Laird, award-winning author

"Wonderful humour, a great sense of style and brilliant drawings. Every little frame is inspired. The French is excellent too. Congratulations to Nadia." Elizabeth Laird, award-winning author

We have included the name of every child who entered here below. Thank you for sending us your stories! We loved reading every single one of them and are thrilled at the skill, passion and talent that all of you have shown. Please enter again next year - and until then, keep speaking, listening, reading and writing your favourite foreign language.

(The names are in alphabetical order and if you entered in a group then your names are all together. So please check the letters for each name in your group!)

Abbie Eagelstone

Abigail Laura Knowles

Adam Skorids

Alahna Harkness

Alex Baxter

Alex Cooper

Alex G

Alex M



Alice & Kierea & Divine

Alisha Chauda

Alistair Roberts

Amelia Burton


Amy Davies

Anna Wright

Annabel Ainger

Annabel McAllister

Annabel McAllister

Archie Powell & Oscar Staveley & Josh Allister & Joe Lwarence & Harry Williams

Bailey & Venn & Molly


Bebe Biffa

Bethany Burton

Billie Cox

Brandon Jones

Bryce Murphy

Callum Thurlow


Caragh Jackson


Casper Dallas

Chantelle Sims

Charlie Harris

Chloe A'Bear

Chloe McBreen

Chris Jasobhar

Clarissa Cooper

Daisy Watson & Geneva Drazon

Daisy-Kate Jackson

Damini Mistry


Dan Cunningham

Daniel & Riley & Callum

Daniel Roberts

Danya Aoda

David Best & Patrick Westcott-Deane & Callum Timlin

Demi Leigh Hampson

Donisha Williams

Dylan Coates & Dougie Gait & Samuel Hudson & Max Hughes

Dylan Thorley

Ebony Woodier

Elana & Maia & Paris

Eleanor Jane Moore

Elise Notton & Peggy Paton


Ella Morrison

Ella Scott

Ellie & Courtney & Jack & Jay

Ellie Dodd

Ellie Hartinger & Isabel Mace


Eloise & Angel & Reanne

Eloise Hamilton


Emily Coopman

Emma Harvey & Jodie Newton

Emmie Blackburn


Esme Beyer & Evie Hardy

Ethan Croft

Ethan Stock

Euan Rudd

Eva Fidler

Eve Goodenough


Evie Parton

Ewan Muggeridge

Faye Gurney

Finlay Dennis

Florence Ryan

Francesca Everard

Frankie Bolger

Freya Farrow

Freya Willis

Gabby Gage

Gabriela Twiss


Grace Heath & Faye Childs & Megan Kingsford & Charlotte Farmer & Summer Watson

Grace Monks

Guide & Luke

Hal Sinclair

Hamna Shafiq

Hannah Davies

Hannah Johnson

Hannah Thompson

Hannah Wood

Heather McKen

Henry Leek & George Martin & Gethin Joyce

Henry Mahan

Hollie McGuire

Imogen Barry

Imogen Hayes

Isaac Salem


Isabelle Fox

Isabelle Gleeson

Isabelle Webb

Isla Jackson

Isobel Casson-Gook

Izzy Gardiner

Jack & David & Sebastian

Jack Warr

Jacob Butterill

Jacob Croft

Jaimini Mistry

Jake Kingston


Jamie Price

Janina Haggard


Jasmine Edwards

Jasper May

Joe Manock

John-Robert Davis

Jojo Kiggell

Joseph Glenn

Joshua Greenslade

Joshua Murdoch

Josie Muggeridge

Josie Sample


Kadie Wright

Kadie-Leigh Vickers

Kayleigh Neal

Kayleigh Taylor

Kyle Ball

Kyna Broadfoot

Lani Levinge

Laura Sessi-Knott

Lauren Donaldson

Léon & Diu


Liam Fitzpatrick & Luke Roots

Libby Traquair & Mia May & Carrie Ward & Emily Plant & Emma Childs & Amelia Gee

Lily Campbell

Lisa Strudwick

Lola Milner


Lucía Lockley


Lucy Mason

Lucy White

Luke Smith

Luke Smith

Luthien Morgana Bryant

Maddie Harding

Maddy Ingram Hill

Madeleine Wright

Mae Harding-George

Maeve Ellis

Mai Walcall

Manar Kakkanat

Marina Scott

Martha Nugent


Matílda McGurk

Max Brean & Isaac Hale & Dougie Ford & Riley Sinclair

Max Hollinrake

Megan Jones

Megan Walton & Madeleine Marshall

Memphis Weller

Mia Harrington-Benton

Mia Hasemore

Mia Jones

Millie Wild

Milly Greaves

Mollie & Hannah & Kian

Molly Axtell & Martha Withers

Molly Hayden

Morgan Bolger

Murron O'Neill

Mya & Marika & Caitlin & Alisha

Myles Brook

Nadia James

Naomi Keighley

Natalie Walker

Natsuki Okada

Niamh Mckenna

Nicole Zheng

Oliver Bailey

Olivia Austen

Olivia Bambroffe

Olivia Staveley

Owen Gilmore


Phoebe Plant

Portia Kelly

Queta Taylor




Ruby Yates

Rudy Gentry Peacock

Saffron Shannon

Salina Henley

Sam Ashman


Samuel Murray

Sandile Banda

Sean Carter

Seb Allouche 

Sebastian Vlahos

Simon Davies

Sophie & Kiya & Emily

Sophie & Phoebe & Henry B & Henry L

Sophie & Poppy & Kiara

Sophie Dejean

Sophie Johnstone

Spencer Williams

Tabbie Tatlon-Brown & Ella Walton

Taliya Nash

Tamsin Betts

Tara Doherty

Tara Nathan

Teddy Lockley

Tilly Hall & Connie Gill


Toby Abrahams & Frankie Oliphant

Toby C

Toby Wilkinson

Tyler Marlow

Vincent Grant


William Bradshaw

William King

Zara Hicks

Zawaad Shamim & Kyle Reed

Zuzia Bogaczewicz



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