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About Us

We are an indie children’s publishing company that creates and publishes children’s books in the UK and around the world. We are known for the things that we know best: foreign language learning and creative, hands-on non-fiction for kids. 

At the heart of the business is the dynamic duo, Cath and Sam! Along with a group of talented freelance writers, illustrators and designers, we love nothing more than cutting, sticking and colouring our way through the day. From making a table-top rainforest to pressing out a baby paper panda to play with, our list is bursting with artistic ideas. We also like sharing our passion for language learning through a range of activity books that focus on learning English, French and Spanish.

Our mission is to inspire children to explore the world around them through the things we love: good design and illustration, curious texts and fascinating facts. We hope you like what we do.

Book of the Month

Have you heard the one about the flying monk? Do you know how your bike works? What’s the fastest animal on Earth? From fantastic flying machines and brave explorers of the world to special effects in the sky and gentle giants under the sea, this beautifully illustrated fact book takes your hand and helps you to understand the world around you. Perfect for little thinkers who like big ideas!