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b small publishing - a dynamic duo!

We are an indie children’s publishing company that creates and publishes children’s books in the UK and around the world. We are known for the things that we know best: foreign language learning and creative, hands-on non-fiction for kids. 

At the heart of the business is the dynamic duo, Cath and Sam! Along with a group of talented freelance writers, illustrators and designers, we love nothing more than cutting, sticking and colouring our way through the day. From making a table-top rainforest to pressing out a baby paper panda to play with, our list is bursting with artistic ideas. We also like sharing our passion for language learning through a range of activity books that focus on learning English, French and Spanish.

Our mission is to inspire children to explore the world around them through the things we love: good design and illustration, curious texts and fascinating facts. We hope you like what we do.

Book of the Week

Cycling is an increasingly popular activity for adults and children alike. This activity book is packed full of creative doodles, puzzles, games, how-to guides for budding tricksters and fascinating facts about bikes throughout the ages. From the first ever bike (which had no peddles!) through to high-tech machines on which Olympians whizz round velodromes, discover the history of bikes and enjoy everyday activities involving one of today’s most popular pastimes.

Creative Spotlight

Vicky Barker


After graduating from Liverpool John Moores University in 2006, I made the move to London and joined Usborne Publishing where I spent 5 and a half years. There I worked on a wide range of books from novelty, baby and activity books to producing illustrations for older fiction. I made the freelance leap in 2012 and teamed up with b small shortly after. Together we have worked on the new Paper Toys series, as well as a whole bunch of exciting new series and titles coming soon, so keep those eyes peeled! As well as b small, I have also produced work for Catnip, Really Decent Books and BOOM! Studios, as well as continuous work for Usborne, and spend my time living between Liverpool and Los Angeles. When not working, I enjoy reading, baking - then eating what I have baked, taking inspiration from all manner of pretty things around me and screenprinting greetings cards, prints and bags in my studio or kitchen (whilst shamelessy listening to musical theatre soundtracks).


Since the Bologna Book Fair in March, we have had two of our new series picked up (keep your eyes peeled!) by our customers and are looking forward to a busy few months of making, making, making. Now, back to my research about types of horses!